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All fitness and nutrition professionals who offer services at Dynamic Fitness & Nutrition work as Independent Contractors. Members of the DF&N team manage their own schedules, have unrestricted access to the studio, and work with other members of our team to build their own full or part time business and continue their professional development.

Minimum Qualifications for Hire:

  • Current Personal Training Certification and/or Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification
  • Current CPR Training Certification
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Scope of Practice:

All Independent Contractors who offer services at Dynamic Fitness & Nutrition are expected to work within their strict scope of practice. Weight management and nutrition counseling services may only be offered by qualified Nutritionists or Dietitians. TRX® Suspension Training and TRX® Rip Training may only be offered by TRX® Qualified Instructors. Kettlebell training may only be offered by Dragon Door or StrongFirst® Certified Instructors.

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"I have been training at DF&N since 2015. This is the ONLY workout routine I have ever committed to. I LOVE IT! Becky Mason is an amazing trainer. One day I arrived a bit early for my group training session and I saw her training women who were swinging kettlebells. I had no idea what they were or how to use them but I was determined to learn. I set that goal for myself after speaking with Becky about kettlebell training. Well, here I am at 61 years young swinging those bells! Becky's knowledge and encouragement are superior. Thank you to Becky and Gina for offering this type of training to men and women of ALL AGES!"

Denise P.