Voted Two of The Capital Region's
Favorite Fitness Trainers
by the Albany Times-Union in 2017!


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"Gina is incredible in every way — she is extremely knowledgeable about every component of exercising, from form to food and beyond, and she is committed to never stop learning. Her workouts are truly dynamic, customized to individual and group needs, and never the same week-to-week. Her support reaches far beyond the gym; she is an ally, she is a lady boss, she is tough and she is sweet ... and goodness gracious is she strong."

Shauna McDonald


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"She is without a doubt the best personal trainer. I never thought I would be where I am today without her will power to push me to become a better me without making me! It doesn't feel like a gym there, it feels like a home."

Rachel Barrett

"A year ago I started to train with Becky Mason. When I started I was struggling with persistent back pain, and I was in terrible shape. But Becky has changed all that. Becky has a personality that makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She is skilled, thoughtful and passionate about fitness. She is truly an amazing and excellent trainer. Each workout with Becky is personalized, challenging and creative. She is the perfect combination. She always encourages you. She knows how hard and when to push.

"Becky will take every step needed to help you achieve your fitness goals correctly without injuring yourself. A year has passed, and today I am grateful to say I have no back pain. I feel stronger. My balance and flexibility have improved significantly. I stand taller. I feel more healthy and confident. I am looking forward to another great year of training with you Becky.

"If you are serious about changing your fitness life for better, Becky Mason will lead you there. Thank you Becky for everything!"

Nesrin M.